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Welcome to the Monk Fitness Crew

Monk Fitness is more than just workout classes, we're a community brought together by our desire to have a happier, healthier, stronger, and fun-filled life. 


About Monk

First, let's get my credentials out of the way:


NASM-Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT®)

Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor

EPIC Credentialed Trainer

CPR, First Aid, co-founder of Bay Area Parkour (BAPK) 

10+ years experience personal training

Mud runs, Spartan Races, Epic Competitions...check and check. 

I'll begin with who I'm NOT followed by who I AM.

I am NOT out to kill you with my workouts and training sessions. I AM interested in getting you to understand your body, your boundaries, and break through,

one session at a time. 

I am NOT about the get lean quick, do the extremes at all costs possible. I AM about learning to love your body in all its stages and changing it in a safe, sustainable manner.

 I AM about building strong support systems around you to help you reach your fitness goals. 

I am a member and advocate for the Trans Community, a believer that movement transforms lives, and a proud papa to Yampie the jack-a-poo.

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