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I am all about learning to love your body in all its stages and changing it in a safe, sustainable manner. With this in mind, fun, longevity and empowerment in one's body are the goals of my training.


Every personal training package comes with a free assessment in which we sit down together (in person or virtually) to gather information necessary to build a complete plan to meet your goals. 


Grab and Go Package:

$450 includes Initial Assessment + 2 training sessions + Training outline + nutrition advice + 6 month check in/re-assessment. Great for the self-motivated, or for someone not able to commit to hiring a consistent long term personal trainer.    

In-Home Session:

Price depends on location, ranging from $90 per hour (inside of Long Beach) up to $175 per hour (surrounding areas) (fee is inclusive of commuting aspects). 

Semi-private Sessions (2-4 people):

$175 - $250 per hour

Live Virtual Sessions:

$60- $75 depending on frequency of sessions

I am dedicated to providing opportunities for Heath and Wellness for the TGI Community. Please ask us about sliding scale options. Your health is priceless.

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