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Personal Training

Personal Training is where the magic happens. This is where we can work on making the shifts you want in your fitness and wellness journey.


Need to train for your first race?

I got you.

Want to shed a couple of pounds before your big day?

I'm here for you.


Haven't worked out in a while and want to get back on track again?

I see you. 


You pick the place and time, and we can customize a comprehensive fitness plan that fits your goals and needs.

Exercise Group

Outdoor Group Classes

Love people and being outdoors? From the refreshing beachside, to plush green bluffs overlooking the ocean, to a cozy park, our outdoor group classes are a great way to be part of our Monk Fitness Crew!

Did I mention that Group Classes are set on a sliding scale? I want fitness and community to be accessible to as many people as possible. So work out with us and give what you can. Guaranteed you'll leave feeling accomplished and ready to tackle your day!



It takes a village. Your health and well being is our number one priority and we've got a "village" of partners that are here for you. From Nutrition, Recovery, Scientific Metabolic Tests, Mental Health, Community Partners and more, we've teamed up with like-minded individuals who will use their talents to compliment all the rewarding work that you'll be doing with

Monk Fitness.

TG / ENBY Project is a TGI led wellness initiative seeking to create and build a more holistic, trauma informed community.

I am a trainer for them and hold TGI exclusive classes both in L.A. and Long Beach. 

I believe that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. 

Sit With Me Therapy specializes in therapy for immigrant, first generation, and non-binary individuals.  

Nutrition Partner Coming Soon

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